Our mission:

Democratize 3D design

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The project

We are developing a unique 3D design application using innovative modeling tools and intuitive 3D sketch-based interfaces. Novice as well as professional users, including 3D printing enthusiasts, will be able to effortlessly and enjoyably design and edit 3D surfaces and objects for the first time, like using pencil and paper.

Phenometry brings together groundbreaking technology and expertise from a group of engineers, researchers and software developers in the US and Europe.

Curve-based modeling

Revolutionary n-sided surface patch and curve-based-editing technology for fast and unlimited freeform surface design and 3D object modeling.

Non-linear equation solving

Ground-breaking proprietary non-linear equation/constraint solving technology offers unprecedented object design capabilities.

Advanced sketching technology

Intuitive, easy and fun sketching. User focuses on curves, and complex, high-quality surfaces and objects are automatically generated in minimal time.

Cloud/browser based

Cloud-based and accessible through any web browser. No installations or updates, runs from any platform or device. Allows sharing, collaboration.

"Overall there are significant challenges in design software that will make it easy for users to visualize, refine, and realize forms from their imagination into an input to a 3D printer."

- IEEE CS 2022 report: "23 Innovative technologies that could change the industry by the year 2022".

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